Delivering Excellence

When all else is done, and the products are completed, then the best bit of the job occurs – delivering our products to our delighted customers.

Happily our new factory is turning out consistent and regular orders, to destinations around the world, on schedule.


This 2″ Bulk webbing is destined for the US, in the specified yellow webbing with center-line, and black selvedges. This is packed loose in a bulk bag, as opposed to webbing rolls, which are also available.



These tie-down products are also destined to the US, packed and strapped as requested.



Note the lovely yellow webbing and black ratchet combination. If you like specific or non-standard hardware please contact us with your requirements.

This container is going to Shanghai, before sailing to Belgium, with it’s load of lifting slings produced to European standard EN 1492-1.


Check back regularly for updates on deliveries, and some blogs on specific products describing our different production steps

We are completely flexible and aim to please you, so if you have any questions or special requests for packaging or delivery please get in contact here.


  1. Dick R.

    Looks great! Will be sending you an RFQ shortly!

    • Eugene Deane

      Hi Dick, thanks for the comment, I’ve sent you an email in reply

  2. Kevin

    What are your Moqs?

    • Eugene Deane

      Hi Kevin, thanks for the comment, I’ve sent you an email with a little more information


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