Our 300mm webbing capability

When you have a big item to lift, you need big, strong, webbing. We weave the widest standard webbing on the market at 300mm (12 inches) wide. If you need the strongest webbing available then look no further than us.

Weaving such heavy webbing requires strong, specialised looms. When we decided to include the largest widths in our offering, we needed machines from a great company.

So we bought from Jakob Müller AG Frick.

Müller are one of the best-known names in weaving technology. This Swiss company started in 1887, the same year construction of the Eiffel Tower started, and the year Sherlock Holmes made his first appearance in ‘A Study in Scarlet’. They are now the global market leader in looms and weaving technology, specialising in narrow fabrics and webbings.

Their machines are top of the range, and use of their equipment to weave our heaviest webbings show our emphasis on quality, repeatability, and satisfaction – our own satisfaction in the products we sell, and the satisfaction of our customers in what we supply to you.

As for all our webbing, we are happy to supply our widest type in loom-state or dyed bulk webbing, or sewn as you require. Simplex, duplex, even triplex can all be supplied – maybe you will be the first to need 4-ply 300mm quadruplex!

So if you want strong heavy webbing, be sure to get in touch and let us know what you need.


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