Bulk Webbing in Demand


Our reputation for producing excellent webbing is continuing to grow, and demand is very strong with new orders and repeat orders in continuous production. As I type, another order of 4” webbing has just completed for the US.

Our production under one roof gives us the flexibility to vary the webbing as you need, and colour it as you want.


Do you want an uncommon webbing weight? We can vary the webbing grams per meter, to suit your requirements and finish.

Maybe you would like a unique colour combination to suit your brand? We can weave in coloured yarn, such as the black selvedges and centre line shown in these images. The black yarn does not hold the dye colour (in this case yellow) resulting in the pleasing combination shown below.



Do you need a mixed container of different widths, different colours, or other changes? We can provide it all for you from one source.

We are happy to weave products exclusively with coloured yarns if required, as these can perform better in certain situations. Black yarn round sling jackets can be useful in stage or concert slings, to stop the risk colour coming off slightly against performers when under hot lights.


Of course, we can weave webbing up to 300mm (12 inches) wide. If you do require wider webbing as well as the narrower types, be sure to get in touch to let us know what you need.

Whatever your needs are in bulk webbing, we are confident we can provide what you want.

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