About Us - Our Story

Learn a little more about our journey over the past 5 years, from simple beginnings to the creation of our new factory Hyperion Webbing Ltd.

2012 - Starting Off

Our story started in 2012, when a Chinese manufacturer of polyester lifting slings, tow straps and ratchet tie-downs approached Smolak Industries for help selling their products to global markets.

2012 - Market Investigation

An initial market investigation revealed tremendous potential for using Smolak Industries’ pre-established sales channels, as well as creating new ones for products in the rigging and cargo securement industries.

2013 - International Joint Venture

Following our market investigation, Smolak Industries signed a joint venture agreement with the manufacturer. At this point, our supply chain team helped to optimize production and quality control processes for global expansion, while the sales team began developing a wholesale position in North American and European markets.

2014 - Our Own Brand

After promising sales from the first year, the decision was made to create a global brand, in order to differentiate ourselves from the competition and become better established in global markets.

2014 - Growing through ASEAN

With a new brand, we began to source local sales representatives and to capture market share throughout ASEAN.

2015 - Into South America

We were approached by Gamiz Holdings, a Mexican industrial products distributor based in Hermosillo, to act as exclusive provider of our lifting and restraint products. The significant presence of Gamiz Holdings throughout Mexico and Latin America greatly increased market penetration in these regions.

2015 - Expanding Product Lines

After focusing on establishing market share in key global economies, we began to organically expand our product lines in order to offer a more complete service to clients.

2015 - Investment in Manufacturing

In 2015 Smolak directly invested into our first manufacturing facility in Nanjing. This allowed us to better control production costs and give our clients greater transparency of product costs. The location is close to Smolak Industries’ China base of operations.

2016 - Creation of Hyperion Webbing

In 2016 our company reorganized into two complimentary parts, to concentrate on serving different markets and clients in the most efficient way. Our original brand focuses on niche markets for retail, using our already established E-commerce and distributor networks. Our industrial products are represented by our new company Hyperion Webbing, serving industrial clients and wholesalers direct from our factory with lifting slings and haulage tie-downs.

2016 - Purpose Built Manufacturing

As part of this reorganisation we also decided to move to a new purpose-built factory location, complete with all new machinery, dedicated to our customers. This would be our new Hyperion Webbing factory, supplying industrial products directly to customers, and branded retail products.

2017 - European Office

Our European office is founded, based in the Republic of Ireland. This is part of our global expansion efforts, to provide a permanent location in support of our European clients.

2017 - New Factory Opening

On the 6th of April 2017, we had the official opening of our new Hyperion Webbing factory. Managers, clients and investors were present for an international and enjoyable day, to share in the excitement and cut the ribbon separating our first batch of looming machines.

2017 - To the Future

With our new purpose built factory we will continue to provide the highest quality products to you, manufacturing from yarn to the end product, completing all steps in-house. We are excited for the future and working with you to provide exactly what you require, when you need it.

Do you have any questions, or want any further information on our presence around the world? Please get in touch here.

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