Endless Webbing Slings

Endless lifting slings are formed by looping a length of webbing back over itself and sewing the ends together to form a single loop. All our Endless webbing slings are produced from 100% high-tenacity polyester yarn, with webbing weaving in-house

We manufacture Endless lifting slings to both EU (EN 1492-1, safety factor 7) and US standards (webbing class 5 and 7).

Again, we sew in house, using both manual and computer-controlled sewing machines, to specially designed sewing patterns. We manufacture both single and double-ply (simplex and duplex) Endless Slings. All of our Bulk Webbing options are available, including webbing up to 300mm (12 inches) wide, and working lengths as you require. Duplex slings provide the same contact width, but offer twice the load bearing capacity.

Bespoke printing is available, to show specifications including Working Load Limit and length, as well as OEM printing, for example to show your logo. Please contact us for more information. Black lines and selvedges are also available.

Please contact us here if you have any questions or inquiries, or would like some more information.

WLL of sewn webbing (kg) Colour of sewn webbing Width (mm) Minimum working length (m)
Simplex Duplex
1000 Violet 30/50 25 0.5
2000 Green 60 30 0.5
3000 Yellow 90 50 0.5
4000 Grey 120 60 0.5
5000 Red 150 75 1
6000 Brown 180 90 1
8000 Blue 240 120 1
10000 Orange 300 150 1
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