Lashing Straps / Tie-Down Straps

When transporting a load of any type, it needs to be secure and safe to move. Lashing straps are very versatile and our polyester webbing straps are strong and light. They can be used for direct lashing or for tying the load down.

As we weave our own webbing, and sew our own slings, we also produce a wide range of lashing straps. These vary in width and lashing capacity, for light use through to heavy duty depending on the force you require.

We have a wide range of hardware available, a complete range of ratchet buckles, cam buckles, wire hooks, J and double-J hooks, and more, for you do receive exactly the combination you want.

Customisation also extends to branding, as we are able to dye the webbing and print onto the webbing part of the lashing strap in-house, and even etch your logo onto the metal of the hardware.

Just contact us here to let us know exactly what you need.

Lashing Chart in daN for Lashing Straps / Ratchet Tie-downs
Light / Medium duty
Width (mm) Lashing Capacity (daN)
25 250
25 400
25 450
25 500
35 750
35 1000
35 1500
50 2000
50 2500
Lashing Chart in daN for Lashing Straps / Ratchet Tie-downs
Heavy duty
Width (mm) Lashing Capacity (daN)
25 1000
35 2000
35 3000
50 4000
50 5000
75 3500
75 7000
100 5000
100 10000
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