Round Slings

A Round Sling (or Tubular sling) is an endless flexible sling. It is manufactured by winding a continuous internal load-bearing core yarn between two points, to provide very high strength for low weight. This core forms the load-bearing part of the sling, which is completely enclosed in a woven cover for wear and environmental protection. All our Round Slings are produced from 100% high-tenacity polyester yarn, with webbing weaving in-house. We produce Round Slings to EU EN 1492-2, safety factor 7 standards.

We manufacture our Round Slings in-house, including production of the high tenacity polyester round sling covers, and any optional wear sleeves that may be requested. Double and single-cover Round Slings are available. Round Slings can also be provided in eye-to-eye format with the addition of an enclosing sleeve.

Bespoke printing is available, to show specifications including Working Load Limit and length, as well as OEM printing, for example to show your logo. Please contact us for more information.

Please contact us here if you have any questions or inquiries, or would like some more information.

WLL of sewn webbing (kg) Colour of sewn webbing Minimum working length (m)
1000 Violet 0.5
2000 Green 0.5
3000 Yellow 0.5
4000 Grey 0.5
5000 Red 1
6000 Brown 1
8000 Blue 1
10000 Orange 1
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